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ask grace 3 by XAngels-love-DemonsX

The picture is understandable in visual, but there are a few little Uh ohs. ;o 1)When you drew it, you seem to have given her a larger ...


Alice and wonderland by Xxwolfy13Xx
Alice and wonderland
So i was inspired to draw Alice and wonderland, but with my design. I wish i could color it but since i moved, the only thing that came with me was a pencil and eraser =w= hopefully looking foreword to getting some markers and pens soon :)
Change by Xxwolfy13Xx
This is two of my DP babies :D Alaina and Blake. They both practically grew up together, but both led different lives. As they got older, their responsibility clouded most of their time. Creating a void in their friendship. 
*apologize for the unclear-ness of the children ^u^;*
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(Contains: violence/gore)
A little girl wandered the forest, crying out into the night. She walked around with her hands constantly rubbing at her eyes. She called out “home!” over and over again, but she never called out anything else. Police officers would try to help the girl but she would always ignore them and begin walking on, untouchable.Soon people began to leave her alone, even starting avoiding her, for they felt she was a ghost haunting  the forest that wasn’t unable to move on. For years the same little girl has been crying, Everyday, She would start at 9pm at night till 6am in the morning, right before the sun came up. The locals nicknamed her “Mallory” meaning “unfortunate.” They called the Forest, “Mallorie’s grave.” People had theories on how she ended up there, some say she was murdered, some say she lived there and she starved to death. Nobody knew the real reason why Mallory was really there. School kids would make dares and bets on who would go and try to talk to Mallory, but all failed in the attempt. Mallory was to the locals, a scary little girl, but she shown no threat to them as long as they stayed out of the forest.

After 5 years teens would go in search for mallory for another dare or bet only to disappear and never be seen again. Until someone discovered, Aeron. He was a tall broad man, witnesses would describe him as a “a large man in a rat mask”  at first people believed he was a crazy psycho who lived in the woods, picking off people who dared entered the woods. Police officers would search the woods for this man or survived victims, but all did not come out. Anyone who survived Aeron would later die from a mysterious infection, which they nicknamed “Areon’s plague” . Witnesses would claim they would see him dragging dismembered people into a wooden house for hours, some of the witnesses never came close to the house for fear he might catch them as well and take them to their own ill fate. A male police officer who was also among the victims that got away, claimed he shot at him multiple times but it didn’t seem to phase him and that there was no blood.He screamed out over and over “Areon was a demon that was cursed on the town.” in about three days later, the cop had died in his hospital room late at night from “Aeron’s Plague.”  People started to fear the woods, more than ever. They roped the place off and posted tons of warning signs. But it didn’t stop a young girl who was destined to find Mallory after she stopped appearing once Areon began. Was she okay? Was she also afraid of him?

A  girl about 14 in a yellow sweater walked to the outskirts of the forest, in her hands she held a brown teddy bear, a pink ribbon wrapped around its neck, she hugged it against her chest as she looked into the dark ambient forest.  Her two friends at her heels, They rubbed their arms in attempt to keep warm from the winter’s breeze.

“Lil! Why are we doing this?” Whined the first one.

“It’s freezing, can we go back to my house?” Complained the second.

Lilith just ignored them, she gazed into the forest, watching the trees move in the darkness, if she stared long enough, she could make out the leaves that blew across the ground, Her breath slow and calm.

“Lil!” Called the first.

Lil blinked and looked back.

“Come on guys, you know why we’re here.”

“What?! You were serious?” The first eyes widened.

“You know what happens to people who go in there?!” finished the second.

“I know, i know...but...if we avoid him...we’ll…” She looked back into the forest.

“Lil, what the hell is wrong with you? We could die! all because you feel sorry for a stupid ghost girl!” Said the second one , a slight fear in her voice.

“She is not stupid! She is just...lost...She must be so scared...all out there by herself. Especially when he came...Poor Mallory…”she trailed off.

“Lil you’re crazy! How do you know we’ll see her?” Said the first.

“I don’t know...but..At least…” she hugged the teddy bear again. “At least she’ll find this...It’ll comfort her while she’s scared.” Lilith began to enter the forest, not even looking back to see if her two friends followed her.
Her friends let out frustrated groans and followed after her.

They walked in the dark, their flashlights lighting up their way. They walked for awhile, making sure they were aware of their surroundings. Lilith’s friend’s jumped when twigs snapped or wind rustled the trees, Lilith just kept walking, as if something was calling her. The woods looked the same, each tree had a dark brown look to them, the only thing that separated some trees were a large gashes in the sides. Lilith felt a light brush on her toe of her right shoe, she looked down and found a leaf clung to her. She picked it up and held it to the light, The leaf had a weird black hue to it, as if burnt. As she held it closer to the light she saw little red like veins running through it. Her friends gazed at what she saw and squealed in disgust, quickly looking away. Lilith let the leaf fly out of her hand.

“Wow.” she said out loud.

“Wow? Lil, what is wrong with you? This is bad! very bad!” The second whispered.

“I wanna go home already” whined the first.  

“Oh don’t be such babies” Lil turned around on her shoes and faced them, her light shined in their eyes, they covered their eyes from it. “Go home if you want, but i’m going to give this to her if it’s the last thing you see me do!”

The two friends exchanged looks.
“Lil...Why do you feel sorry for this little girl so much?” The second said softly.
“Is it because of your Brother?”Said the first one bluntly as she dodged a leaf.

The second shot the first a glance, Lil heart lurched.

“Of course not! he’s gone okay? Don’t bring him up!” She snapped, things grew quiet as they pressed on.

When Lilith was little she would helplessly watch her mother physically abuse her little brother, sometimes hurting him to the point where he couldn’t move for days. She would starve him constantly, forgetting he even existed, All because she hated his father for leaving her. Lilith would sneak him formula, trying to get him to eat, until one day she came in with food and his small frail body laid on the floor where she made a den for him, cold and unmoving. She tried to feed him, in case ‘he was just sleeping’ but every time she tried he wouldn’t take it . Her mom found her lying on the floor next to him and  grabbed her up with anger, screaming at her to not touch him, that he was a disgusting creature that needed to die. Lilith yanked her little arm out of her mother’s grasp and ran for her brother, scooping him up and heading to the back door. She burst it open, knowingly her mother was on her heels. She ran for the forest, not knowing where she was going to run to, but as long as she lost her, they would be safe. She ran for a long while, huffing with exhaustion, she soon tripped up and fell over a  tree limb. Her little brother’s small body hitting the ground, she quickly grabbed him up and brushed his head looking for any injury, ‘he didn’t cry, he must be fine’ She thought.  She turned quickly to see if her mother was still following, but there was a dead silence, the air smelt of dew. Her little chest pumped as she looked around, after awhile she stood up and walked back. She attempted to call her mother but couldn’t find her. She walked back to the house and looked all around but there was still no sign of her mom. She laid her brother down and snuggled up to his body,holding him in attempt to keep him warm. She whispered to him, trying to tell him it was okay. After a while of waiting she soon picked up the phone and called the police. Police searched for weeks but found no trace of her, they found her snuggled against her brother’s body and they gently pulled them apart, taking her brother away in an ambulance. A  friend of her father’s who lived not far adopted her into his family. She asked constantly for her brother but no one wanted to answer her, for fear that she wouldn’t take it well. She would carry around bottles and tell her foster parents that she was ‘waiting for Juno to get hungry.’ She spent allot of time in therapy and when she was old enough, they told her that he was dead, they were surprised on how well she took it, but as she walked out of the therapy room, she felt a cold numbness in her heart.

“Lilith, we need to go home, mom is probably shitting bricks worrying about us.” The second said.

Lil sighed. “Fine” she set the bear down leaning up against a tree; she placed her flashlight next to the bear and brushed the bears head with her hand.

“Hope you like this Mallory” She whispered.

“Come on! i’m hu-” The third one didn’t finish her sentence, a large ax flew into her back, making a cracking sound as her spinal cord was severed. Blood flew from the wound, splashing both of them. The second screamed in terror, Areon stood at the end of the ax, his shadows making him look even larger, Lil fell down and stared up wide eyed, watching Areon as he pulled his ax out of her back, as he did she fell to her knees and fell forward, she gurgled in her own blood as she shook. She stared up at Lil as if begging her to help. The ax shot down onto her neck, beheading her. The blood splattered Lil’s face, but she didn’t flinch. She was locked in shock at what just happened to one of her best friends. The second kept screaming and crying, she began to turn away to run but her mouth was soon met with the bloodied ax, slicing her cheeks in half, she fell to her hands and knees , watching the blood drip from her lips to the ground. Areon threw the ax again, landing  in her skull, she fell to the ground. Over and over again he would do this until her skull became  bowl shaped, her brains were unrecognizable mush. Lilith stared in horror as the night grew quiet again. She shook in fear that he would notice her and kill her like he did her friends. He noticed, he made his way over to her his clothes and mask  bloodied, he slung his ax and the blood from her friends flew to the ground. He raised his ax into the air,  he was nudged, he looked back and lowered his ax. after a few seconds he looked back and turn his ax, he cracked the hilt against her temple, knocking her out instantly.
The Rat and the Mouse
Just a story i'm creating :D
ask grace 3 by XAngels-love-DemonsX
The picture is understandable in visual, but there are a few little Uh ohs. ;o

1)When you drew it, you seem to have given her a larger head than her body, which would be difficult for them to carry around on a smaller body(if you visualize it~)
The neck also is an uh oh, try thinning it a little, but not too much or it won't support the head.

2) Her sides seem to be going in then curving, This is due to a rib cage outline. her arm should almost line up with her breasts.

3)The clothing are well visual, but you need to work on clothing wrinkles(hehe i also have this problem XD)

4) Try darkening her eyes more, her forehead is still visual where her eyes are suppose to be.

5)The shading is a little bit off, take your time with shading :) put detail into it.

Try using pictures as a reference to whatever type of art you are interested in(Anime,Realistic,ect..)

Believe me, it'll help :)
A floating man in a blue cloak made his way across the dark lite room, he carried papers from one desk to the other. He occasionally scribbled on them as he flipped through books. The desks were cluttered with them, many stacked on top of one another. A thermos sat between two of the stacks. After awhile of writing he put the pen down and pinched the bridge of his nose, he sighed heavily, exhausted. He reached into his pocket of his cloak to retrieve a photograph, it was of a beautiful woman with black hair, she was smiling. He could still remember when they first met, he tried to go into denial about loving her for he believed he was too busy for love, which he was. Though he soon found time for her and he would never forget it. He stuffed the photo back into his pocket and picked up the thermos. He twirled it in his hand, the thermos held a ghost that Danny Fenton, or Danny Phantom imprisoned in his younger years, He left the thermos with him to keep watch over. So far, there were no problems with Dan, an evil adult version of Danny Phantom.

“Clockwork!” A voice boomed off the room, startling him,he made an effort not to drop the thermos as it bounced off his hands. When he finally caught it, he sighed.

“Alaina, What have i told you about startling me...And you know i don’t enjoy you calling me by my name.” He said calmly.

A little girl in a black hood almost covering her whole face hopped into sight, she pushed the hood down and giggled.

“Sorry daddy, didn’t mean to startle you...Again” she rocked on her heels.
The cloak was almost similar to clockworks but only black and red, though it was the first time he’s seen it.

“What do you have there?” He asked.

“The Fentons are here! Mrs.Fenton made it for me, to match yours!” She exclaimed.

Alaina was always talking about wanting to be just like her father, this warmed his heart to see such high pride she held for him. He patted her head.

“Oh wow, today is your birthday right?how old will you be again?”he asked.

“Dad! You should know my birthday!”She squealed. she shook his free arm, making him chuckled.

“I know when it is, i was only...pulling your leg? You’ll be 9, yes?”

“Yup! I’m almost old enough to become an apprentice!” she boasted.

Just then, a boy came running in.

“Come on Alaina! You were suppose to come find me!” He whined.

“Hehe, sorry Blake, i got distracted by my daddy.” She giggled.

Blake looked up at Clockwork.

“Teh! What’s up, old man”He squinted challengingly.

He was always challenging clockwork, as he did every other man he’s came across since birth. Clockwork just smirked at his cheekyness.

“Hello Blake, How is your parents?”

“We’re doing just fine, Clockwork.” said a smiling face, a man with short black hair entered the room, followed by a large bellied woman.

“Oh Danny, hello. and Sam.” He nodded.

“Clockwork-danny chuckled- always so formal.” Danny shook his hand. Sam stood next to her husband, resting her arms on her large stomach.

“Sam, you’re looking well today.” Clockwork said politely.

“I feel fat, thanks anyways” She said half-heartedly, Danny chuckled.

        “Women are always so crabby when pregnant.”  danny whispered, Sam smacked him in the head.

“You try carrying around a person in your stomach for nine months” She scoffed.

“Okay okay! i’m sorry, hehe.”

Clockwork raised an eyebrow, His lover was never “crabby” when she was pregnant. Maybe she WAS the perfect woman, he thought. Alaina pulled on his cloak.

“Daddy! i want to eat cake! and open gifts and stuff!”

“alright, lets go into the other study room.” He said.

“Heh how many studies do you have, clock? like, ten?” Danny teased.

“I have three actually, i’m a-” Danny cut him off.

“busy bee, i get it, sheesh. I think you need to take a vacation”

“You know i can’t do that.” Clockwork said sternly but also calmly.

“Yeah i know...But one day you might” Danny glanced to alaina.

Clockwork blinked. “When the time comes…now lets go into the other room.”

Clockwork put the thermos down and grabbed his staff.

“Bet i can race you to the other study, Alaina!” Blake challenged.

“Ha! No way, loser!” she retorted.

Before the adults could protest, the two children ran for the study.
Alaina(sneak peek!)
This is a sneak peek of a story i'm interested in writing chapters of! ;o 

This is a fan fiction of the Cartoon, Danny Phantom. My next generation babies~!
This story will follow around the daughter of Clockwork and a mysterious woman, Alaina.(Clockwork named his daughter after her mother after she died) 

Danny, Sam, And Clockwork are from Danny phantom(Butch Hartman)

Blake and Alaina are my fan made characters. 


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